About Virtual Azure Community Day

Virtual Azure Community Day was brought to life during the pandemic, by people working in Developer Relations at Microsoft. It was an answer to the struggles a lot of communities were faced with when they couldn't meet in person anymore.

The concept is to completely facilitate an online community event for Azure communities around the world. Focusing on bringing a good experience, accessibility and diversity. For this to happen they reached out to what is now Lowlands.community, a local community well experienced in Online meetups, and asked if they could organize an event like this.

Now Virtual Azure Community Day is a community event that has proven to be a successful platform in amplifying communities all over the world. Lowlands.community organises this event, and works together with various meetup groups. We have an open CFP to give everyone a chance to be heard, and ask experienced speakers (eg, MVP) to invest time in first-time speakers.

Key Dates

30-11-2022 - CFP Open
17-12-2022 - CFP Close
05-01-2022 - Full schedule online for all tracks
18-01-2023 - Conference day

The Virtual Azure Community day has multiple tracks. Every track is run independent by a local team.

Team BeNeLux - Organization & Program committee  

Henk Boelman 
Suzanne Daniels 
Floor Drees 

Team France

Aymeric Weinbach 
Cédric Leblond 

Team Denmark

Sherry List 
Morten Pedholt 

Team Serbia

Nemanja Jovic 


- Ivana Tilca
- Diana Carolina Torres Viasús
- Pablo Piovano
- Jorge Levy
- Héctor Pérez
- Mariano Kovo
- Vicente Guzmán
- Mauricio Gamboa Arkano
- Luis Beltrán